Saint Germain – Saint Sulpice

    After World War II, flocks of painters, philosophers, actors, musicians, and writers made Saint Germain des Près their home. The neighborhood became a cultural center, synonymous with literary cafés, jazz clubs, and art galleries. So many artists and intellectuals crossed paths here, haunting the cafés around the Saint Germain church. And even if the cultural life of the quartier isn’t quite as bustling as it used to be, Saint Germain is an all-time favorite of romantic Paris lovers with its lovely little streets, old houses full of history, and of course, the shaded alleys of the Luxembourg Gardens.

    Saint Germain – Saint Sulpice Neighborhood, Paris.

My life in the Neighborhood

Living in Paris was always something I had imagined for myself, but I wasn't exactly sure how I would get there. After studying cinema in university and working in the film industry, I switched gears and began working for an international French company. When the opportunity to transfer my life to Paris and work at the HQ's as an expatriate, I couldn't have said "yes" any faster ! I've been living in Paris for over 2 years now and I can only say that the reality has lived up to le 'rêve'.

I had visited Paris just a couple of times prior to moving, and I was always drawn to the Saint Germain des Près neighborhood. I was lucky enough to snag an apartment just near Rue de Buci which has a myriad of amazing restaurants and wine bars frequented by both locals and tourists alike.

A few I'd recommend are le Bar du Marché, la Palette, Atlas, Chez Huguette and le Hibou. I often frequent these spots after work for a delicious meal with a glass of wine with friends to wind down for the day.

On Sundays, you can often find me taking a stroll to reset for another busy Parisian week ahead. My favorite route passes through Place Saint Sulpice where I take a moment of peacefulness inside the beautiful church. After, I often continue to the Jardin du Luxembourg. One of the most famous gardens, and beautiful during all seasons. It's the perfect spot for a little nature inside the city.

By Ashley    

Neighborhood Staples

  • The Saint Germain church giving its name to the area, is a quiet haven in this bustling neighborhood known for its literary cafés.

  • The Saint Sulpice church, made famous by the Da Vinci Code. Find the embedded brass line in the pavement !

  • Many restaurants, brasseries, clubs and cafés in the crooked little streets of Odéon and Buci areas

  • The Musée Delacroix, hidden in a courtyard of the beautifully quiet Place de Furstenberg

  • The Palais du Luxembourg in the eponymous gardens offer a superb scenery for a typically parisian weekend stroll


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