Republique – Canal St Martin – Oberkampf

    In the center of this busy Right Bank neighborhood is La Place de la République, colloquially called Répu by Parisians. A massive monument topped by a statue of Marianne – the personification of the French Republic – stands in the middle of the large, lively square. Wide Haussmanian avenues converge towards the square, making it one of the most important nexuses of the capital and a great place to meet up before going out in the nearby Oberkampf neighborhood just to the south or around the Canal Saint Martin to the north. These two areas are full of bars and little restaurants where you can truly appreciate the pulse of the Parisian night.

    Republique – Canal St Martin – Oberkampf Neighborhood, Paris.

My life in the Neighborhood

Living in the neighborhood for more than 8 years now, I've witnessed firsthand how the area has profoundly changed over the last few years, going from a relatively quiet and rather undesirable residential area to the hipster haven and bobo playground it is today.

Nothing wrong with that - gentrification can have its good sides, bringing cool concept stores, trendy coffee shops (Hollybelly, Pouch) and wine bars (Le Verre Volé), fancy restaurants, and artisanal specialties (du Pain et des Idées) to this once overlooked part of Paris. Now, flocks of cool kids gather along the Canal Saint-Martin at the first signs of spring, sitting along the water and soaking up sunlight for spontaneous apéros or picnics. The crowded terraces that lead from the Hotel du Nord to the Bar de la Marine on the other side of the canal give the area a permanently festive vibe.

Perhaps not as hip as the neighborhood's newcomers, I tend to avoid the crowded, hype places generally referred to as branché. Instead, I prefer spending time in quiet gardens, enjoying an apéro with friends in a somewhat secret bar (Café A), or strolling along the upper part of the canal, heading north towards La Villette.

I also love the multicultural side of my neighborhood. Residents come from all corners of the globe, meaning you can meet some interesting people and find virtually any type of world cuisine. With African, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Cambodian, Japanese, and, of course, French restaurants, you can go on an international culinary journey right in the heart of Paris.

By Nedjma

Neighborhood Staples

  • Have a picnic or apéro with friends along the Canal Saint Martin in summertime

  • Spend a Saturday afternoon at the Place de la République. There's nearly always an event taking place. 

  • Pick up a baguette or a croissant from the traditional, artisanal bakery Du Pain et Des Idées (one of the best in all of Paris)

  • Enjoy a Caribbean cocktail or Sunday brunch in the rustic-but-chic island setting of the uber-cool Comptoir Général

  • Head to Bizz'art for dinner & a concert, then stay afterward to dance the night away


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