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The Best Paris Street Food Restaurants

Where to Go for a Quick Bite in the City of Light
Eating out in the City of Light doesn’t have to mean expensive meals that last for hours. France’s capital also has a thriving street food scene, with hundreds if not thousands of casual restaurants and cool food courts quickly whipping up quality world cuisine at affordable prices. They may not be the most elegant places to eat in Paris, but sometimes it’s just about getting good food fast. These laid-back little eateries offer excellent Indian food, gourmet hamburgers, famous falafels, healthy smoothies or sandwiches, and tasty Thai to go. For a quick pizza between appointments or a shawarma while sightseeing, these Paris street food spots are our favorites.

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interior of Parisian restaurant

Paris Bistros, Brasseries, & Bouillons

A stay in the City of Light isn’t complete without enjoying a meal in a classic Parisian bistro, brasserie, or bouillon. Working-class restaurants in a bygone era, today, these traditional French restaurants offer both authentic and inventive dining experiences. For typical French food, often in historic Belle Époque interiors, here’s where to eat in Paris.


The Most Popular Places to Eat in Paris

When you’re craving a stylish meal in the capital, head to one of these popular Parisian restaurants. Combining chic design with casual dining, these cool eateries offer international cuisine on their menus, Instagram-worthy interiors, and, usually a bit of a line since everybody’s talking about these trendy spots.

Upscale, chic Paris restaurant dining room.
Fine dining

The Height of Parisian Gastronomy

You can’t visit the capital of a country known for its food without tasting some of its finest cuisine. Whether to celebrate a special occasion, experience the height of French gastronomy, or simply say you’ve eaten at one of the best restaurants in the world, these amazing gastronomic restaurants in Paris offer exceptional food, impeccable service, and five-star settings.